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The Investor Relations area is where the XBOOKS team shares company communication with the shareholder community to keep them constantly updated.

It provides an accurate global picture of the company, updated periodically, and includes all the important information needed to understand our world at XBOOKS.

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What do we do

XBOOKS LTD specializes in the development of CryptoBooks software, which enables crypto users to record and create reports of their cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets. We offer a range of specialized features and chain analysis trackers that cater to specific needs, with the ability to manage all kinds of virtual assets.


CryptoBooks website:
English version 
Italian version




For Individuals, SMEs and Accountants

CryptoBooks meets the specific needs of professionals, individuals, and SMEs by enabling them to apply accounting methods used by large companies to the particular blockchain and crypto use cases.







Blockchain Technology-Based Accounting

Our software is designed to account for any type of crypto assets by integrating information from our blockchain nodes or third-party APIs.







For Different Crypto Use Cases

Our software uses international accounting standards and adapts them to the most specific crypto transactions, such as DeFi protocols, wallet transactions, exchange transactions, staking, mining, and many others.